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Commitment to the environment, family values, animal welfare, ecology… Discover our company’s values, respectful of people and the environment.

For the environment? |

KOKIRIKI is committed!

Deforestation is responsible for about 15% of all carbon emissions, making it a major contributor to global warming. KOKIRIKI is committed to reducing deforestation in its supply chain as much as possible. In order to achieve this goal, we have set standards for the production of key materials, such as palm oil, GMOs, major allergens, and we use only recycled cardboard.
We are committed to all aspects of our ecosystem. We strive to respect certain rules that we wish to share with you.
With our products, animal welfare is a priority! We wish to promote vegetarianism by increasing the consumption of 100% vegan products.
We favour local partnerships to strengthen our purchasing criteria and adapt to more sustainable development practices.

Kokiriki Commitments|

The Environment

We have a low carbon footprint, with most raw materials originating in France or in countries bordering France.

Our Product Philosophy

Offering a balanced vegan alternative, using ingredients processed as little as possible, and avoiding controversial additives (e.g. titanium dioxide, nanoparticles). We prefer to use natural vegetable or fruit extracts to provide colour in our products.

Taste!!! We have spent more than two years developing this range, with meticulous selection of our flavour ingredients.