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Vegan cold meats range

Our vegan products: a range of delicious vegan meat made with care in France to delight your taste buds and protect animal well-being. The alternative to meat-free cold cuts for vegetarians, flexitarians…

The market for vegan products |

In detail

This range was created to meet a growing demand from consumers for an alternative to meat. There has been a steady decline in purchases of red meat, down 10% in a few years, and other products are seeing the same phenomenon in varying proportions. In France, vegans account for only 1% of the population, while flexitarians, on the other hand, account for almost 30%.

For them, KOKIRIKI has developed a range of typical products: Veg-Picnic, Veg-Alami, Veg-Orizo, Veg-Pâté, Veg-Mincés, Veg-Guillettes, Veg-Grené, Veg-Burger.

Consumers have different motivations depending on their age group:

  • Millennials (+/- born in this millennium) want to respect the environment, preserve the ozone layer, limit greenhouse gases (limit carbon dioxide produced by animals). These consumers also care greatly about animal welfare.
  • The 25-50 age group are more health focused. They want to eat food with a better nutritional balance. Veganism has a more beneficial and natural image in their minds.
  • Consumers over 50 have metabolisms that are less conducive to meat consumption. They sometimes experience intolerances or allergies to some animal products (eggs, milk proteins, lactose, etc.).