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Breton family business created in 2018. Manufacturer of vegan specialities for consumers, companies, retailers, supermarkets and distributors throughout the world.

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Created in 2018 in Sulniac, KOKIRIKI is a Breton family business. With considerable experience in the vegan food industry, we combine innovation and tradition to develop new plant-based consumption habits in cold meats, meat alternatives, nutrition and health.
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Our factory is based in France, we sell our products around the world. KOKIRIKI is French company specialising in vegan alternatives with a wide range of carefully manufactured and processed products. It took more than 2 years of research and development to develop a product that resembled conventional products.

For them, KOKIRIKI has developed a range of plant based cold cuts and plant based meat: Veg-Picnic, Veg-Alami, Veg-Orizo, Veg-Pâté, Veg-Mincés, Veg-Guillettes, Veg-Grené.


Creation of the company


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Move to our new production plant in Pontchâteau